Do I need to supply professional Photos?

It would help your chances of being chosen by studios if you supplied us with professional photos. If you would like to take your own photos, no worries. They just need to be clear and simple shots.

  •     Head and Shoulder shots
  •     Half and full length body shots
  •     Clean and clear backgrounds. Natural light is better.
  •     No sunglasses or hats

Can I belong to another agency?

No. We are an exclusive agency.

What if I live outside the main NZ centres?

Because the majority of jobs are Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown based it can be tricky for those people living further afield. There is often little warning with jobs, for example you will be submitted for a commercial and asked to audition at a specific time in the next day or two, so it is up to you to make yourself available. This doesn’t mean that there is no demand for people outside these areas, just that it is far less frequent.

What sort of people are we looking for?

Casting directors look for a wide range of looks and personalities. It all depends on the story they are telling and the effect and look that they are after.

Babies: There is generally limited work for babies and it is very competitive. We will promote your baby to the casting directors and if there is an audition required, we will be in contact. Please be sure to update the photos we have online at least every 6 months as babies change so quickly.

Children: Children of all ages can get work. As with babies, it is very important to come in and get new photos done regularly.

What if I work full time?

If you work full time you need to be able to take leave at short notice for auditions and filming. TV commercials rarely film during weekends and TV shows are a big commitment so you need to be flexible with your work.


Film and Television: New Zealand Film and Television productions are constantly in need of extras and actors from KAM Models and Talent. Jobs vary from walking in the background on a busy street scene to being a high school student in the TV show Power Rangers. Generally extras have no dialogue so there are no lines to learn. However, people can be selected for a featured/speaking role that will require a higher level of performance.

Extra work can mean early starts with late finishes and plenty of waiting around during shoots but everyone who takes part raves about how fun and rewarding it is to be a part of the filming experience.

Check out the YouTube video to see what extras can get up to on set during a film shoot.

TV Commercials: Each day brings new roles in TV Commercials looking for talent to bring them to life. If you fit the character description we will submit your profile to the casting directors to compete for the role. If the casting director agrees that you look good for the role you will be asked to audition and we will check your availability and discuss the part. We do not tell you every time you are put forward for a job and we only call you if you get selected to audition.

Photographic Work: We supply talent for a wide variety of photographic work including billboards, magazine shoots and promotional material for local and international clients.

How do I get work?

As soon as you register with us, we start submitting your profile for work.

We are here to promote you to casting directors by constantly putting you forward for roles we think you are suited to. However, we do not have the final say on whether you are selected for the job. Meaning we cannot guarantee you work – but we guarantee that we will work hard for you.

Your look, personality, reliability, availability and work ethic make a huge difference to securing work. But at the end of the day it is about the particular effect a director is going for and being in the right place at the right time.

Getting regular work:

It is important to be polite, quiet, and punctual and to follow the directions that you are given by the film crew. Directors and crew usually work multiple shoots and they will most likely choose you again if you fit the look and have left a good impression.

On the flip side of that, if you are disruptive, or do not follow directions the film crew will not request you again. It is very important to think about this when you are on set.

Do I have to take the job offered to me?

You are able to turn down work if you are not available or the part does not interest you. If you confirm your availability for the job then are selected for the role you must attend or give us ample notice to find a replacement.


RELIABLE transport is a must. There are NO other options here whatsoever. Auditions are held around the Grey Lynn, Ponsonby and Freemans Bay areas with the occasional audition on the shore.

Filming locations can be anywhere in the Auckland region and you must be able to get to the location on time. It is your responsibility to get to the next meeting point or shoot location

Job Performance, Availability and Reliability:

Be honest with us if you cannot make an audition or filming. When you take on the work you are committed 100%. This is no different to working anywhere else.

  •     Be on time – Make sure you arrive early. Let us know BEFORE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AT AN AUDITION/FILMING if something happens and you are running late or lost.
  •     Open and enthusiastic – Directors look for people who are good communicators. They can tell at a glance if you are open and enthusiastic.
  •     Ready to take direction – Follow instructions and you will get work. Our job is to make directors jobs easy.
  •     Being prepared – Read all the information given to you and if you have lines to learn, then learn them. Dress for the part so you look the part.

We want you to be successful!!

Joining info:

To join KAM there is a $150 Joining Fee to pay off. This fee isn't paid upfront and will come out of the first jobs you do until it is paid off. The good thing about KAM is we don't have an annual fees. so there is just a one off joining fee to be paid. In exchange for being your representative and finding you work, KAM talent takes a 20% commission plus GST from each pay you earn via KAM Models and Talent. This is in addition to your income tax deductions.

Its so simple to join us here at KAM, Visit our website, Fill in the joining form, Then we contact you within 24hours to confirm your place & voila! You are now a part of KAM!

A cancellation fee may apply if you do not turn up to your shoot without giving enough notice.

What do I get for my membership fee?

  •     Online Profile and Portfolio management.
  •     Submission of your profile to casting agents and producers
  •     Access to our workshops and development classes.

We are required by the IRD to deduct income tax from your earnings. For the entertainment industry the rate is set at 20% plus GST and is referred to as a tax on Scheduler Payments (formally Withholding Tax).

For more information on scheduler payments and deductions please view this website from the IRD


How long does it take me to get paid?

Payment can take a long time in this industry – we cannot change this. Commercials can take between 6 to 8 weeks to be paid. TV shows can be paid monthly but it depends on the production company’s protocol.